Hand The Ball is a non-profit foundation aiming to improve the quality of life of children and teenagers in developing countries and disaster areas world wide, through physical, non-competitive group activities with the unique Hand The Ball puncture-free handball.

Children and young people in developing countries and disaster areas face challenges beyond poverty, disease, crime and physical danger. Developing a positive mindset and one that can overcome each day’s hardship and dangers as well as retain hope and motivation for a better future is sometimes more than a young mind can muster.

Hand The Ball cultivates meaningfulness, self confidence and social skills through play, movement and non-competitive games that return an element of joy to an often harsh world of survival, and delivers empowering mental, physical and social results where they are most needed.


Hand The Ball draws its unique strength from its sharp focus on the power of group play. The activities build on insights into the positive social and mental effects of physical group activities and from street handball projects in both Denmark and Kenya.

The improvements happen through the shift in mindset taking place when a positive group dynamic is created through play. The fun, the joy, the team spirit – the instant demonstration that physical activity is fun and that friendships across age groups, skill levels and backgrounds are possible.

There are no rules or competitive purposes to the activities. Communication becomes an inherent part of interacting and focus is cast on the fun, the team and the dynamics of the game. With no other equipment needed than the ball and the ability to adapt activities to the space available, Hand The Ball can create results instantly and anywhere.