HAND THE BALL projects are funded through corporate social responsibility programmes and supported by smaller, private donations. Your company can help raise children and teenagers’ quality of life through organised play and exercise and markedly improve their mental, physical and social state, giving them the tools they need to retain hope and help build a better future for themselves and their people.

Our CSR/Partner model is developed on the basis of our ongoing projects in Kenya and our collaborations with NGOs in the area. We have an ambition to reach as many children and young people world wide as we possibly can, but we maintain a humble and realistic view on the challenges connected to establishing programmes in new areas entails. Our ongoing projects has identified a clear need for the establishment of a Centre of Excellence in any HAND THE BALL focus area and we therefore offer CSR partnerships at different levels.


Get your own HAND THE BALL area in Nairobi! By donating 50 balls or more your company can support a specific area in Nairobi. We are well aware that corporate social responsibility and outreach partner initiatives and budgets vary enormously, so in order to cater for all company sizes and needs, we also offer CSR/Partner programmes building on already established structures and areas in the Nairobi slum areas.

Your investment will still enable more children and teenagers in that area to benefit from the HAND THE BALL activities and you can pre-define how many school/area initiatives you want to support and for how long.

Currently three of our areas have a dedicated CSR-partner.

You can have view over our currents partners her


Launching HAND THE BALL initiatives in a new country or large region calls for the establishment of a Centre of Excellence comprising a local administration office as well as a minimum of 10 school initiatives. HAND THE BALL works with established NGOs already present in the target areas to minimise costs and maximise efficiency of all resources and efforts, but remains your contact and partner throughout the programme.

A CSR partner wishing to launch a Country Establishment Programme will commit to this initial investment as well as to the sponsorship of all Hand The Ball project equipment needed for a pre-defined number of school initiatives for a minimum of 3 years.