The magical component of all HAND THE BALL projects is the specially developed ball that enables and ignites all the positive mental, physical and social changes that organisation aims to facilitate.

Setting out to develop the concept, we knew the ball had to meet many tough requirements: Puncture-free and hard-wearing, it should be tough enough for a stony surface but soft enough for a small child to grip. And it needed to have a size that all age groups could handle.

Danish specialist SELECT Sport delivered on all accounts. The result is a ball of a special type of durable fibres covered by an extremely hardwearing synthetic leathermaterial. Perfect for any surface, however uneven, and with just the right grip, size and feel.


The ball has several functions within the HAND THE BALL concept – literal as well as symbolic. On the group level, the ball is the engager and the connector, but on the individual level playing with the ball also trains motorical skills and discipline which can enhance learning abilities.

The ball also carries a strong symbolic value from benefactor to benefactee. Being an object we all can relate to and one we can hardly imagine our childhoods without, the gesture of ‘handing the ball’ to a child through CSR investments becomes a strong symbol of handing the child a better quality of life.