We believe in the power of play


We’re not out to cure diseases. We don’t think a ball saves lives. But we’re on a mission to hand back to the children the joy and motivation that tough conditions have taken from them and in the process, we hope to change lives.

The lives of the children and teenagers we work with and the lives of the people, who invest in our cause.

Cause who would have thought it could be so simple? Hand a child a ball and you’re handing it hope? But the results we have seen prove that it is so. Children’s mindsets are transformed by the magical ball, and friendly bonds and positive memories are created across age groups, backgrounds and gender.

So we might not be doctors and our solution has no formula. But we do cure mindsets and save futures through play.

And that’s a form of life saving, too.

Four core values, one ball for all

Lasse Boesen originally developed the ball playing idea behind HAND THE BALLĀ as a street handball concept. The concept was developed with Ole Bruun Andersen for school and urban areas, and it was characterised by four carefully collected values. These values are retained in the Hand The Ball concept today:

It’s for everyone – age, gender or even motor skills and previous experience are insignificant.
It’s for everywhere – play outdoors, indoors, on any surface, in narrow alleys or on open fields.
It’s for having nothing – you need no equipment other than the special ball.
It’s independent – no rules, referees or fixed amount of players. Just play ball.